Kirtana-Ghosha Aru Nama-Ghosa


DESCRIPTION:    Kirtana-Ghosha  an early Assamese poetical work, written by the Vaishnava reformer, Sankaradeva, 16th Century A.D.,with two chapters by Ratnakar Kandali and Sridhara Kandali, and NAMA-GHOSHA by Madhavadeva, also from the 16th century, edited with critical Introduction and Glossary, by Maheswar Neog M.A.D.PHIL.

LANGUAGES:                    Assamese

EDITION:                           1st edition, 1962, & re-print, 2017

BINDING:                           Hardbound

ISBN:                                    9788173312151


About The Author

Maheswar Neog


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