Naam-ghosa Rasamrit

DESCRIPTION: An exhaustively comprehensive study of ‘’Nam-Ghosa’’, the highly revered summum bonnum of all scriptures  written by Mahapurusha Shri Shri Madhabdeva, rendered in lucid and engaging style with an apt Comentary by Acharya Sri Ilaram Das, the founder of Eksharan Bhagawati Samaj, Asom, a socio-cultural religious organisation, with a deep metaphysical exposition based on the sound ideologies of Mahapurusia-Sanatan Dharma.

LANGUAGES:                    Assamese

EDITION:                           2nd edition, 1996, & 3rd  edition, 2014

BINDING:                           Hardbound

ISBN:                                    88173313199


About The Author

Acharya Sri Ilaram Das


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